30th April - AM

??Three rhino bulls were having a late sleep in on Main Mac just west of Paddy?s road. After spending a short time with them, we carried on, leaving them still asleep on the road.

??We spent the first half of the morning searching for tracks of male lions in the south, as there was a report of lions calling in that area, without much luck. Five hippo were in Treehouse Mackenzie Dam.

??We had a very good view of an African Jacana at Wallingford dam.

??We then heard that the two Ximungwe females and their three cubs were found near Hlabankunzi dam. On our way to them, we heard a third female calling and after a little searching, found her at the junction of Simbi and Dulini/Kruger Cutline. She was one of the Ximungwe females, and was walking north on the Cutline in quite a hurry. She was lactating heavily, so we hoped for the best, and followed her. After a quick drink on the road, she carried on, and eventually led us to her den site at the junction of the Mabrak and Day One drainage line! Under the cover of some very thick bush, she lay down and suckled four cubs of about 4 weeks old! They were surprisingly relaxed, and a few times came closer to the vehicle to have a look at a vehicle for the first time!

??We finally found a small herd of elephant, after an absence of about four days, in the Madjembiri drainage line, just west of Mud road. They were in a very dense thicket, but gave us one great view as they walked past us in a little clearing, before disappearing again.

??After our coffee break, we heard that Makubela had been found with an adult impala ram kill, and her two young cubs were also present. This is the first time that I have seen them, and judge them to be about 5-6 months old. They are quite big already as Makubela has kept them well hidden so far. This meant that they were not very relaxed around the vehicles yet, so we only got one good view of the one cub. It was quite warm already and they were looking to settle down, so we left.

??Ten zebra were on the clearings at Brass Monkey Donga on our way home.

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