Neil Whyte

Neil Whyte was born and brought up in Kruger National Park where his father, Ian Whyte, was a senior researcher and is regarded as one of the foremost experts on elephants in South Africa. Growing up in the African bush has given Neil an incredible knowledge of the flora and fauna of the region and a deep insight into the ways of the wildlife which abounds there.


Having studied large mammals for his honours degree, Neil had no doubt where his interests would lead him. He enjoys every aspect of the bush, but has always had a real passion and admiration for elephants. Coming a close second is Neil’s lifelong interest in birds, resulting in extensive ornithological knowledge and identification skills.

Neil has spent the past 16 years in private game reserves in South Africa, where he has led safaris, trained rangers and been involved in lodge management. Neil and his delightful wife, Natasha, have been at Savanna for seven years. They are both much loved and respected by guests and the other members of the Savanna ‘family’. Neil is extremely popular as a guide and receives numerous requests from repeat guests.

Photography is Neil’s other major interest. His bush experiences provide him with ample opportunities to capture amazing shots for his wildlife portfolio. This passion for photography has been rewarded by having a photograph accepted for the cover of Africa Geographic magazine. Click here to view Neil's photographs.

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