Derrick Tibane

Derrick Tibane is one the major success stories of post-apartheid South Africa. He was born in the local village, Justicia where he went to school and developed his love for the outdoors.

With little chance of a good education, he started his career as a security guard at one of the neighbouring lodges. Here, his love for nature was cemented, and he set his sights on better things.

After moving lodges to continue as a security guard, he grabbed at the opportunity to train as a tracker and quickly qualified at Singita in 2000. After tracking there for four years, he moved lodges once again, where his potential as a guide was quickly seen. He qualified as a guide in 2005 at Tinga Lodge, where he worked for two years, before moving to Makalali Game Lodge in 2007. Here he remained for 7 years, earning great respect and gaining invaluable experience and knowledge.

In 2014, however, the distance from friends and family drew him back home. His lovely wife, Glory, is one of the head chefs at Savanna, and when the opportunity arose for us to employ another guide, we jumped at the opportunity to welcome Derrick into our family at the beginning of 2015.

He has very quickly become loved by all and has enriched the Savanna Guiding Team with his unique set of skills and knowledge, creating a much more complete wildlife experience.

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